Cat in the Hat magician

Cat in the Hat Magician Delivers A Great Message About Reading. Stories Jump Off The Written Page When Mixed With the Cat in the Hat Magic of The Wizard of Reading.

Welcome to the Cat in the Hat Magic of Dean Alan.

Dean Alan is known as The Wizard of Reading. He is a full time professional magician who has a keen interest in the important message of reading and literacy.   During his career Dean has presented thousands of shows all over the U.S. and abroad. This Cat in the Hat magician is passionate about this message!


The Wizard of Reading specializes in Cat in the Hat shows for kid and family audiences. Kids love him, parents love him, grandparents love him and you will too! He starts with strong visual magic to instantly win over the audience. After this he quickly moves into the meat of the show. He may begin with a popular book like The Cat In the Hat, or maybe The Lorax then uses magic and audience participation to illustrate the story. In the story, Gustov the Goldfish, a young boy over feeds a fish that grows and grows. In Dean’s show, a volunteer from the audience helps to act this out with a picture of a fish which, just like in the story, grows and grows!  Sometimes, the Wizard of Reading will share the entire story with the audience and other times he gives them just the essential points but leaves off the ending so that they can go check out the books for themselves and discover ‘how it ends’! Along with the magic, Dean will often give the back-story of how the book or characters were first created. You never know what fun facts you’ll learn during the Wizard of Reading shows!

Over the past 20 years Dean Alan has produced lots of different shows for the Cat in the Hat market. He starts by reading the books himself and then works out ways to illustrate the stories magically.  Because Dean Alan offers a new show each year, his customers bring him back again and again.

If you are searching for experience, reliability, and a Wonderful Show, then you want the best, you want the one and only Cat in the Hat Magician, Dean Alan-The Wizard of Reading!

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