Dean Alan is a full time professional speaker, magician, podcast host, and historian. He has presented assemblies at thousands of schools for over 20 years. His topic is always READING. As a child, Dean had difficulty reading, he struggled with reading comprehension. And then one day he discovered a ‘secret’ that made reading fun and far easier. This breakthrough made all types of reading easier. His passion is to share this with young students so that they might learn from his secret as well.

Magic History

Dean is also one of the leading historians on the topic of magic and magicians in the country. He has given talks & lectures on magic all over the country for historical groups and at magic conferences. He recently was the solo guest featured in a French Documentary on HOUDINI. Dean has consulted with numerous TV shows on the subject of magic. He has also been honored with being (so far) the only magic historian to speak at a TED Talk.

Dean is also the host of The Magic Detective Podcast, the only podcast dedicated to the history of magic. It can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and pretty much any platform that supports podcasts. He just finished Season 1 and is preparing for the second season which will debut in October 2019.